2 skull-is this human?

2 skull-is this human? What do you think? Took this picture in Zoo Negara. I think you can guess what skull this is by now. Both of them is smaller, my fist is bigger then them. Have you been to Zoo Negara Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur?

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Red or white flower?

Which one, red or white flower? I never seen flower like these before. Is the red flower pod a fruits? Take this picture in Zoo Negara a few weeks back. This flower don't have any smell on them but I can see many ants gathering its nectar. Anyone know what species this is?

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Sleep in the box

Do you dare to sleep in the box like this? This cute cat keep on sleeping eventhough many people taking his pictures. Maybe because it is a day time. I forgot what species this cat is but I really like to own one like this. How much do you think this cat will cost you?

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